Sensitivity Reads


SEnsitivity Reads

I currently offer services as a sensitivity reader in the following areas:

  • Autistic representation
  • Jewish representation*

I can read for middle-grade and YA across genres, in addition to adult science fiction/fantasy. My rate is $250 for 80,000 words or less. If your manuscript is longer, we can discuss rates. Contact me to learn more.

What makes me qualified to be a sensitivity reader: In addition to being part of the groups in question (obviously), I have spent a great deal of time considering issues of media representation. My commentary on autistic and disability representation has been published on numerous blogs, and I have been a part of the neurodiversity movement for more than ten years. I have served as a sensitivity reader before.

*Note: I come from the perspective of an American Jew of mixed Ashkenazi and Sephardi descent. I cannot comment extensively on Jewish cultures outside of the U.S., or heavy-duty theological matters related to Judaism. I didn't pay enough attention in Hebrew School, sorry! But if you want to make sure that your book is accurately portraying American Jews and avoiding stereotypes, I can help.